Leader in France of the opticals maintenance, Roncin Médical benefits of a technicians team who have at least in 15 years of experience the optical repair field.

Activity certificated ISO 9001 for a long time, our technicians team repair over 3000 optics per year, in an average deadlines of 48 hours.

Partnership with the most larger private and public hospital groups consolidating the trust enjoyed by the Roncin Medical team.

The equipment is treated by our professional team who are trained regulary in Germany's companies which guaranted a quality of work ant the CE regulation respect.

Furthermore, to complete his activity of negociation and repair, Roncin Médical is the only company in France benefiting an audit program certificated ISO 9001 by the AFAQ.


What is an Audit ?

Is to know a D day, the state of the whole rigid endoscopy equipment at surgery room, this for all the brands, not just one, which would correspond to an inventory and not an audit.

We will control :

- The endoscopes quality.
State of the fiber's lighting power, color lenses of the image, the optical tube is waterproof, purpose with or without sapphire.

- The power cable cold light with a standard measure.

- The isolation of all coelioscopy instrumentation.

- The temperature at the focal point of the light sources present in the surgery room, to avoid risk of burns patients.

- The insufflator with a verification of compliance the pressure, alarm, exsufllation, flow, connection of CO².

- The connection and the state of furniture video, to notify the presence of furniture without CE or simply dangerous to personnel by lack of stability.

- The whole elements viewed will give you a detailed report with :

1) For endoscopes, there brands, diameter, reference, serial number and global state.

2) Pictures will be taken of video furnitures, boxes of endoscopy, and each element having a problem or a deviation from the CE regulation.

3) Cd rom will be presented grouping texts and recommendations for endoscopic equipment.

4) A technical solution will be proposed to complete this service.